Apple (medium)72
Banana (medium)105
Beer (regular, 12 ounces)153
Bread (one slice, wheat or white)66
Butter (salted, 1 tablespoon) 102
Carrots (raw, 1 cup)52
Cheddar cheese (1 slice)113
Chicken breast (boneless, skinless, roasted, 3 ounces)142
Chocolate chip cookie (from packaged dough)59
Coffee (regular, brewed from grounds, black)2
Corn (canned, sweet yellow whole kernel, drained, 1 cup)180
Egg (large, scrambled)102
Egg (large, boiled)78
Graham cracker (plain, honey, or cinnamon)59
Granola bar (chewy, with raisins, 1.5-ounce bar)193
Green beans (canned, drained, 1 cup)40
Ground beef patty (15 percent fat, 4 ounces, pan-broiled)193
Hot dog (no bun) (beef and pork)137
Ice cream (vanilla, 4 ounces)145
Ketchup (1 tablespoon)15
Milk (2 percent milk fat, 8 ounces)122
Mixed nuts (dry roasted, with peanuts, salted, 1 ounce)168
Mustard, yellow (2 teaspoons)6
Oatmeal (plain, cooked in water without salt, 1 cup)147
Orange juice (frozen concentrate, made with water, 8 ounces)112
Peanut butter (creamy, 2 tablespoons)180
Potato, medium (baked, including skin)161
Potato chips (plain, salted, 1 ounce)155
Pretzels (hard, plain, salted, 1 ounce)108
Raisins (1.5 ounces)130
Red wine (cabernet sauvignon, 5 ounces)123
Salsa (4 ounces)35
Shrimp (cooked under moist heat, 3 ounces)84
Tuna (light, canned in water, drained, 3 ounces)100
White wine (sauvignon blanc, 5 ounces)121
lean cuisine meals. 20% overage allowed by fda